Collection: Air Max 1

The AIR MAX 1 model is one of Nike's legendary footwear models and marks the beginning of the exemplary era of AIR MAX footwear in the sports and fashion world. The shoe was created by application designer Tinker Hatfield and launched in 1987.

The history of AIR MAX 1 is painted in a brave story of innovation in superior design. The unusual features of the shoe were in the first combination of the AIR unit in the sole, which was a ready-made wheel seen from the sole, creating a spectacular and impressive look. The beauty of this technology is that it allows a high level of air concentration under the legs, giving the riders exceptional comfort and support.

The AIR MAX 1 shoe is designed for people looking to combine urban style and maximum comfort. It is suitable for a variety of everyday activities and looks excellent combined with a variety of fashion items such as jeans, sports pants or T-shirts. In addition, the AIR MAX 1 shoe supports Nike's highest standards regarding shoe construction, so it is available for your service over time.

Because of the unique combination of iconic design and comfort features, the AIR MAX 1 shoe has become an integral part of the locker of people of all ages and styles. It symbolizes the connection between sports and fashion, and serves as a definite item that can transmit a special personality and style in any situation.