About Us


Why Us???
I and several partners have been able to collaborate with some (informal) factories that have been able to "penetrate the system" internally, the same factories only produce shoes for our team that are "informal originals" in any way, Which is UA-Unauthorized Authentic

And What Do You Get?
You get the shoes made with the same drawings, materials and stitches in every couple you've ever described.

Wait then where's the kach?
There is none!
You pay less and we take care of you by all meanings!

  • First of all the amazing quality of our products!
  • Informing our customers with all the needed data such as photos, videos, tracking numbers etc !
  • The shipping of your orders!
  • And finally but most importantly, our amazing service! 

And now let's hear a little about us and our store:

The SneakPeak store is unique in the field of sneakers, streetwear, and urban fashion.
We guarantee the reliability and high quality of every product sold in our store. Not only do you open the gates to the diverse and impressive world of sneakers and urban fashion, but we also bring it directly to you.

The diversity in our store is not ordinary and limited, but a variety that you will not find anywhere else. We charge ourselves to bring you the world's leading and most up-to-date brands, paying attention to the impressive quality and style. So if you are looking to experiment with new trends or find the highest quality sneakers, SneakPeak is the one destination you will meet.

The quality we provide in each of our products is not compromised, our team works 24/7 to get the best quality in the industry for our customers. We are among the top stores that bring the highest quality and best brands in the field. Emphasizing high levels of durability and comfort.

Not only do we offer the best products of the best quality, but we also provide high-level customer service. We believe that giving the best service to our customers is as important as finding them the perfect sneakers. Our service team is kind, always available for questions, and can advise and prepare any question or request.

At SneakPeak's store, We completely dedicate the idea that anyone can have a special style and have chosen to make this world accessible to the general public after in recent years with the cost of living it has been increasingly difficult to afford to indulge ourselves in a shoe / A fashion item we love.
The combination of reliability, quality, and style along with the best sneakers and urban fashion in the world creates in our store. SneakPeak is the right choice for those who want to be fashionable and modern at sane and refined prices anytime, anywhere.