Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

• The provisions of this by-law in male language are for convenience only and the by-laws treat both sexes equally.

• The purchase through the Website is subject to the conditions set out in these By-Laws.

• The mere purchase of the product on the site will constitute a statement from the customer that he has read, understood and agreed to the provisions of these bylaws. The by-law constitutes a binding contract between you and the company.


•Managers and site workers try as hard as possible to reflect accurate images as illustrative as possible.

• The purchase on the site is through a credit card / bank transfer \ BIT and the transaction will be made after approval by the credit \ bank company.

• The Company reserves the right to discontinue marketing and selling the product at any time and to deny a purchase right on a sales site at its discretion.

Product Replacement

To the site buyer, you can return the items within 14 days of delivery for replacement.

By addressing the Instagram page or via email (it is the customer's responsibility to deliver the product up to 14 days from receipt of the product).

If you want to switch to another couple, we need to be updated on Instagram / Email and then send us the package.

In case the replacement is approved – the product must be returned to the company when all costs associated with returning the product apply to the customer.

The replacement of the product will be done in its original packaging with the box and all related items. Shipping can only be canceled up to 4 hours from the time of order and as long as the shipment is not shipped and shipped. (There is a 10% cancellation fee)

The company will not handle the return of products purchased through another source.

*For used products there will be no replacement option and this will be subject to the consideration of the company's management of whether a product was used.

The possibility of returning and canceling a transaction will only be granted in exceptional cases and this will be subject to the consideration of the company's management. If the cancellation is approved there will be a cancellation fee of 80 NIS ” per product.

*After making a product / measure replacement, no refund will be possible.

• There are certain products that will not be a replacement / return option. (Special models, custom-made dimensions and models that replace colors in the sun)

Supply And Transport Of The Product

• The Company will ensure that the product is delivered to the customer at the address typed by it when making the purchase on a sales site within 5-15 business days.

• The Company will not be liable for any delay and delay in supply and / or non-supply caused by force majeure and / or events beyond its control.

• Product delivery will be made to the address provided by the customer at the time of purchase, the product price includes the shipping cost.

Customer Service

• Any questions or inquiries about the product can be contacted by email and on our SneakPeak Instagram

Warranty And Service

• The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the misuse or use of the Product, including any accidental, special, indirect or consequential damage – to the extent permitted by law. The Customer has the responsibility and any risk and liability for loss, damage and tampering on the merits and / or property and / or property of third parties arising from the use and / or non-use of the Product, Except in cases where it is determined that the said damage was caused by the company's sole negligence.

*The shoes and products on site on parallel import.(unofficial)

Information security and privacy

•SneakPeak may use the information contained in the form to bring you the requested information and services. This personal information will not be disclosed and will not be used for marketing purposes without permission.

• The company takes acceptable precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of information. In cases beyond the control of the Company and / or arising from a superior power, the Company shall not be liable for any damage of any kind, straight or indirect, to the Customer if such information is lost and/Or make unauthorized use of it.

• The Company undertakes not to use the information provided to it by the Buyer's Ltd. but to enable the purchase on a sales site and in accordance with any law.

• The "Submit" button has consent to SneakPeak or anyone on its behalf to use this personal information to provide you with information about the products and other information via email or other, About services and resources related to the company's products. In addition, this personal information can be used for market survey purposes. If you want to remove your personal information from the company's mailing list at any time, send an email with a request to remove the number \ e-mail address from a mailing list: to email: cleanpeakofficialstore@gmail.com

By clicking the "Submit" button I confirm in my signature the form and its terms.

Intellectual Property

• All intellectual property rights on this sales site are the sole property of SneakPeak